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Xpect more with X-Zelit

More effective. More consistent. More ease of use.

X-Zelit makes it simple to effectively prevent both clinical and subclinical hypocalcemia in dairy cows.

X-Zelit is a novel calcium binder that naturally stimulates the cow to mobilize her own calcium reserves for effective milk fever prevention. This mode of action is much easier to effectively incorporate into transition cow management compared to a DCAD approach, which relies on an acidified diet with lower palatability to achieve prevention with a lesser success.

X-Zelit stimulates optimal calcium balance around calving.

X-Zelit has been proven through numerous university trials, field tests, and producer experience reports to effectively and easily prevent bovine milk fever and reduce health issues in fresh dairy cows.

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DCAD is difficult…

X-Zelit is highly effective as a calcium binder without the hassle of a common DCAD diet.

Requires special dietary changes
Requires low-potassium forage
Requires extra ration rebalancing
Requires urine pH testing
Is simply mixed into normal ration
Is started a minimum of 2 weeks prior to calving
Neutral taste, readily consumed in grain mix; reduces feed wastage
Unaffected by potassium; can continue dairy cows on late-cut clover grass or fresh pasture

Provides benefits beyond prevention of milk fever in cattle

  • Better blood calcium balance at calving
  • Improved fertility/reproduction
  • Increased milk yield
  • Better quality of colostrum
  • Higher feed intake
  • Fewer metabolic diseases
  • Increased rumination
  • Lower somatic cell count

Prevents calcium deficiency problems

  • Milk Fever
  • Ketosis in Cattle
  • Calving Difficulties
  • Retained Placenta
  • Displaced Abomasums
  • Metritis in Cattle
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X-Zelit is used with confidence by dairy producers worldwide, with demonstrated success in Europe, Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and others.