Prevent Low Blood Calcium Levels

Learn more about how subclinical blood calcium levels negatively impact milk production.

Milk Fever on Pasture

Find out how to manage calcium balance issues in the summer months for dry dairy cows on pasture.

Gold Medal Award

Read about how a commission of scientists and experts unanimously awarded X-Zelit the Gold Medal for providing an optimal calcium balance around calving.

Production Diseases

Get information on how to prevent milk fever in cows with good dry cow management and appropriate nutrition.

Health Insurance Pays Off

Learn more from a dairy producer using X-Zelit who has had great success in preventing milk fever in cattle, as well as a range of derived diseases.

The Way to Fight Milk Fever

Gain insight into how to cope with parturient paresis and other symptoms of hypocalcemia from Karol Wierciński, Chief Specialist for Animal Production at POLHOZ.

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X-Zelit is used with confidence by dairy producers worldwide, with demonstrated success in Europe, Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and others.